Science Quest-8

  • Author: Dr. Ashok Kumar, Dr Shivani Dubey, Mrs Pragati Pandey
  • Binding: Paper Back
  • Publisher: Gram Books Pvt Ltd
  • ISBN: 978-93-85838-89-7
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Edition: 2017

Science Quest is a series of science books designed in accordance with the latest curriculum. This series is recommended for the students of classes 1–8. We have taken utmost care to integrate examples from everyday life to make the teaching and learning process fun, interactive and engaging.

Key Features of the Series :

We Will Learn enlists all the concepts covered in the chapter.

Try to Answer consists of questions related to everyday life and helps to get the students interested in the chapter.

Facts and Exploratory Questions is a good mix of facts and interesting concept-related snippets spread across each chapter for engaging all kinds of students based on their brain type.

Make Teaching Fun provides ways and ideas for teachers to strengthen the teaching-learning process.

Mind Map for Recap consists of a mind map that creatively summarises the concepts covered in the chapter.

Keywords is a list of vocabulary essential to enhance the use of scientific terminology.

Practice Time has an extensive set of questions to assess the knowledge, understanding and application of the concepts based on Bloom's revised taxonomy.

Brain Gain  is a set of four questions each triggering a particular quadrant of the brain.

Life Skills  helps to explore the concept being taught by connecting it to a real life scenario.

Practice Papers are given at the end of every book based on the content and syllabus.

Amazing Science Facts at the end of the book lists jaw dropping science facts about the world around us to trigger wonder and curiosity.

Inspirations is a short introduction of a world renowned scientist and his/her important contributions in the field, followed by imaginative and thought provoking questions to inspire students to challenge the established scientific facts and begin their own science quest.

CD is available with each book of the series. It is an interactive and user-friendly way to synthesise the learning from each chapter.

Web Support for Teachers includes lesson plans and exciting resources to make teaching more effective. 

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