• Author: Nidhi Gupta
  • Binding: Paper Back
  • Publisher: Gram Books Pvt Ltd
  • ISBN: 978-93-85838-56-9
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Edition: 2017

Memory is an activity based series of computer books for classes 1 to 10. This series is designed in an interactive approach to make the learners feel excited and comfortable while learning the subject. It captures all new developments in the field of computers. The content is simple and suitably graded for each level.

The series Memory is based on Windows 10. It covers other software such as MS Office 2013,

Tux Paint, MSW Logo, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop and Visual Basic.

Key features:

Smart Tip provides Practical tip/Shortcut Key & Know More provides additional knowledge on the topic.

Quick Quiz and Quick Practice are In-text questions & Lab activities for self assessment.

Vocabulary (Class III onwards) contains meaning of difficult computer terminologies.

Recap covers summary of the topics covered.

Scratch Your Brain includes appropriate exercises based on the chapter.

Fun Activity includes interesting activities, group discussions, etc.

In The Lab includes lab activities to enhance practical skills.

Practical Assessment provided to assess students' practical skills.

Worksheets provided to assess students' understanding of the concepts.

Note for the Teacher contains tips for teachers' help.

National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) sample questions.

An exciting  Board Game (Class I, II, III) at the end of the book for fun.

Out of the Box (Class IV onwards) includes exciting topics for additional knowledge. 

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